The Bad, The Good, The Ugly

Stavesacre - MCMXCV

Dear you,

Straight to the point:

The Bad:

Alas, it appears that our little operation needs more time to make sure our pre-order process isn’t a nightmare – trust us, this is better for everyone. A lot better. The official date for pre-orders will be 8/24/17.   Please know we would love to have this going yesterday, but we don’t.

August 24th. Believe it.

The Good:

The good news is actually a 3-parter! First to say thank you for your attention, passion and support – and to hopefully offset some of the frustration - we have uploaded a song for you to enjoy… right now. Just click the link and have at it. And by all means… pass it on. Second, a full-fledged store will also appear on 8/24/17 – merch, music, and perhaps a few surprises – so that seems awesome. And third: this will not affect the official release date of the album, which has been set for 9/1/17 across all digital platforms.

The Ugly:

Due to the stressful, borderline madness inducing process, Mark now looks like this. RIP fitted caps